A Few Tips for Choosing Carpeting for Your Home


The carpeting you choose for your home is very important; because carpeting can be expensive, you want it to last as long as possible, but it should also be comfortable and complement your home's style and decor. Choosing carpeting by price alone can mean fibres that are stiff and uncomfortable and that easily holds stains; on the other hand, very expensive carpeting may actually be too delicate for your home and family, and you may need to repair and clean it more often than you expected. Since you need to look past the price tag, consider some other features to note when in the market for new home carpeting.


Shag refers to carpeting with very long loops, so that the carpet feels deep and plush. Shag carpeting lost some popularity a few decades back because the loops would often become very threadbare; however, today's carpet manufacturers use sturdier fabric with coatings that are meant to keep it from coming unravelled. Shag carpeting hides lots of flaws and even dirt because of its high pile.

You might choose shag for a room where you need maximum comfort underfoot, such as a bedroom or family room. It's also good to invest in a more powerful vacuum for when the carpet is first installed, as shag may lose more fibres when it's new than other styles of carpet. A stronger vacuum will also pull up all that dirt that gets trapped in its deep fibres.

Wool versus man-made

Wool carpeting is very durable and is often recommended for homes with kids and pets, who put lots of wear and tear on the carpet's surface. However, wool can also stain very easily, and also holds heat; it's good for homes in cooler areas, but may make the home somewhat stuffy if you live in a warmer climate. A manmade fibre like nylon or polyester can repel stains more easily than wool and won't hold as much heat, keeping your home more comfortable in the summertime.

Textural stripe

If you need carpeting for a very large or very small room, consider a textural stripe. This type of carpeting has very low, flat loops next to larger, softer loops. This creates a type of stripe effect. You can install the carpeting in the direction that's best for the overall size of the room; if the room is overly wide, install the stripes from front to back, to tone down that width. You can also do that to make a room look longer. Those stripes help to trick the eyes and call attention away from the room's overall size.

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27 June 2017

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