4 Reasons to Extend Hardwood Flooring Up the Staircase Instead of Going for Carpet


So, you've decided to use hardwood flooring across your ground floor, but you still haven't come to a decision regarding the stairs. Many people will opt for carpeting on each step, but this isn't necessarily a trend that you need to follow. In fact, there are several reasons why you should strongly consider using hardwood planks instead of carpeting. 

Here are just four.

1. Impressive Longevity  

As the walkway connecting two levels of your house, the stairs probably get more foot traffic than any other area of your home. What's more, people will need to place more pressure on them during each footfall than they would on other flooring since they need to propel themselves upwards, and any objects that are dropped are more than likely to go clattering down each step in succession before reaching the bottom. Stairs obviously need to be durable, and hardwood is one of the most durable flooring materials around; after a year or so, your carpeting will start to look old and worn.

2. Easy to Clean

Timber flooring is generally easier to clean than carpeting since it cannot trap dust, dirt, and other contaminants, and cleaning carpeted stairs is notoriously tricky. You need to drag the vacuum cleaner up and down and cope with the fact that detritus will be hard to dislodge from the right-angle where two steps meet and carpeting forms a declivity. Timber is much easier to deal with; all you need to do is move up each step with a dustpan and brush.

3. Uniform Appearance

If you've already invested in hardwood flooring for your ground floor, you probably spent more than you would have done by going with carpeting. People accept the added cost for several reasons, but the rich and natural appearance that wood provides is one of the most important. If you've already committed to the expense of hardwood flooring, it only makes sense to maintain that sense of timeless beauty up the staircase rather than having it marred by some incongruous carpeting.

4. Added Value

Finally, you should consider the fact that hardwood flooring, whether used with the staircase or not, can add significant value to your home due to its style, longevity, and durability. If you're thinking about selling your house in a few year's time, using hardwood across the staircase could let you increase the asking price a little; even if the value of your home doesn't increase, timber steps can help the property stand out from the crowd.


18 November 2016

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