Tips to Minimise Dirt Buildup on Your Home Carpet Flooring


Carpet flooring is a popular choice for many people because it feels comfortable under the feet but also comes in an unlimited range of colours and styles so that everyone can get something they want. That aside, a major problem associated with carpeting installation is that it is harder to clean as compared to hard-surfaced flooring types, such as those made from hardwood, engineered wood, concrete and so on. A good way make an easy job of your carpet cleaning tasks is to minimise the amount of dirt and other debris it collects. Here are a few effective strategies you can use to keep dirt levels down.

Try using welcome mats

Place a good quality welcome mat just outside of your main entry doors to help limit the amount of dirt tracked inside the house. These throw rugs can trap dirt and debris before it reaches your carpets. The good thing with door mats is that they require minimal maintenance attention. You just need to occasionally give them a good shake outside to remove the buildup. When they get too dirty, all that's needed to restore their beautiful colours is a good vacuum clean.

Shut your doors

Allowing the cool breeze from outside to enter your home through open windows and doors feels great, especially during the hot summer days. But you should also be aware that airborne dirt always appreciates any open invite into your house. So stop dirt before it can cross your borders by habitually keeping your doors closed. You should also think about how often you open your windows. It would be a good idea to shut your windows on days when there is too much dust outside.

Do not allow shoes inside the house

A lot of the debris that ends up in your carpets may be carried into the house by dirty shoes. Politely asking your visitors to take off their shoes before entering the house and leave them on the shoe rack placed by the entryway can help prevent the tracking in of debris. Your family members should be acquainted with this protocol. That does not necessarily mean you should impose a bare feet or socks-only rule in your house, as you can provide indoor slippers for everyone to wear. This will help prevent the transfer of sweat or body oils to your carpet, and your guests will definitely appreciate the alternative foot wear.


17 November 2016

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